homesoldsignWhether it’s as simple as a No-Fee checking account (all our checking/savings accounts are No-Fee...just FYI) or savings account, or as involved as a business account using direct-deposit with fully-interactive online banking, you can rest easy knowing that New Alliance Federal Credit Union offers the products your need and the service you deserve.

Are you in the market for a home?  Are you considering refinancing your current mortgage into a low-rate, short-term mortgage loan?  New Alliance Federal Credit union not only offers both of the services, but we also offer low rates (often lower than the other guys) and a very easy application process.  Click here to check current rates and to apply online.

happy girl with car keysMaybe it’s time to upgrade your ride!  Or, is it about time to get a second vehicle for your growing family?  New Alliance offers auto loans at extremely competitive rates for both new and used vehicles.  Click here to see our current low-rates.  And before you hit the car lot to find your next dream vehicle, visit us to be pre-approved on your auto loan.  Know your rate, know your approval amount and know that you’ve secured the lowest possible rate we can offer all before the salesman says, “Do you know your credit score?”

One of the products we’re proud to offer, and that has helped more families than we can count is the New Alliance Home Equity* loan.  If you’ve experienced some “downs” of life, you know; furnace breaking, roof leaking, credit cards mounting up, etc. then our Home Equity* loan may be the perfect fit for you.  Imagine consolidating all of your high-interest credit card bills, paying off debts and possibly even borrowing additional cash for a project that needs completed or just a family vacation...all the while lowering your rate dramatically, cutting your monthly payment, shortening your payoff term and saving hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars.  Well, New Alliance has been able to do all of this for families just like your hundreds of times.  Visit the New Alliance Lending Center located at our Ambridge branch to see how this opportunity can work for you.

two smiling girls laying in grass We also provide loans for motorcycles, boats and RVs at rates that make the open road (or lake) more affordable than ever!  Or, maybe it’s just time to take the kids on a dream vacation!  No matter what your financial need, visit New Alliance and you’ll be sure to find your loan solution.

* 80% equity of appraised value, less any liens or judgments. Minimum cash out is $10,000.  Investments/Rental Properties – Call for rate and additional details.


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